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What can be said about a city with thousands of years of history? To be able to understand Rome one must walk. The streets are littered with memories of centuries past - a fallen Corinthian column, a remnant of a 13th century building, architectural remains of Mussolini's Fascist Era with his name noticeably scratched out of the marble facade. Yes, to understand Rome is to walk its streets and feel the presence of those who came before us.  There is no better way to spend a day. 


The Ancient  -   awe inspiring monuments,  layers of history that can be discovered around every corner.  The Colosseum and Roman Forum need no introduction but there is so much more to discover.  Marvel at these feats of engineering which endure to this day.   Begin on the Aventine Hill at the Orange Grove which affords a stunning panoramic view of the Eternal City.   Make your way to the historic center and the Pantheon.  


The Not-so-Ancient (but still old)  -  My favorite part of Rome is what is known as the historic center on the East Bank of the Tiber River. Here you will find winding medieval streets that unexpectedly open up into majestic piazze,  the open air market of Campo dei Fiori, elegant cafes around the Piazza Navona (Bar della Pace is my favorite), elegant boutiques that line the streets between the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps.   It is beyond easy to get lost here (happily!). 


The Pious - from the beginning and almost without interruption, Rome has been the center of the Catholic Church. 931 churches in one city certainly make an impression. Regardless of your religious persuasion, the art, architecture and beauty is there to be admired. Some of the greatest works of art in the city are tucked away in tiny churches.  Take Caravaggio's cycle of the Life of Saint Matthew: how many visitors have passed San Luigi dei Francesi without ever imagining the masterpieces they lie within? Of course, no visit to Rome is complete without a visit to the Vatican Museums and Saint Peters. My recommendation? Go with a guide who will get you in early before the enormous wave of tourists arrive.  


The not-so-pious (but still divine) - Food, glorious food!   Rome is a feast for the senses but sometimes, it is just a feast. The culinary delights are endless and there is something for every palate from the unadventurous to the extreme.   The smell of freshly baked pizza bianca combined with espresso is a memory that immediately takes me back to the streets of Rome. Try some of the local specialties:  cacio e pepe, bucatini alla amatriciana, carciofi alla giudea.  Buon appetito!


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