At L’Esperta we want nothing more than to create an experience of a lifetime exculsively for you.  After an initial conversation we will go to work and offer you our expertise as we put together your dream vacation.  With an itinerary approved by you, we will source the very best accommodations, guides and transportation to fulfill your request.  Additionally we will include behind the scenes and exclusive experiences that will make your trip unforgettable.  How about a celebratory dinner in a 12th century monastery?  A photo walk with a local photographer who can lead you off the tourist path and to the real heart of Italy?  Would you like to rent a luxury sports car and spend the day driving through the Tuscan hills?  When you book a trip with us we open our rolodex and reach out to our wonderful friends and collaborators who will make sure that your trip exceeds all your wildest dreams.  Our service continues throughout your trip as we offer 24/7 support in case you think of additional experiences you would like or for any reason you need to make changes to your itinerary.  Book with us and you will have the peace of mind of our service - it is like having a personal concierge with you throughout your stay in Italy.   We do the heavy lifting and leave the enjoyment to you! Buon Viaggio!

We recommend that the process begin 9-12 months before you want to go to Italy.   It's never too early to start - and the planning is half the fun.  Contact us today and we will turn your dreams into experiences.