Italy is a small but incredibly diverse country.  In a country that is about the size of the states of  Florida and Georgia you can experience it all:  the stunning coastlines of the Amalfi Coast and the Italian Riviera, not to mention Puglia; the majestic Dolomites; tiny hilltowns perched precariously atop cliffsides; bustling cities such as Rome, Milan and Turin.  One thing that unites Italy is its beauty.  No matter where you are, from the seaside to the mountainside, sprawling city to tiny village, the colors, sounds, smells and sights of Italy are beyond compare.

Italy is life. Italy is beauty. Italy is passion. Italy is love. It is a country that has to be consumed one experience at a time. Preparing homemade pasta under the watchful eye of an Italian mamma.  Sipping prosecco in a piazza as the sun sets. Indulging in a cappuccino after a morning run through the Tuscan countryside. Exploring the most exquisite leather shops for that signature piece to take home as a momento of a trip that will never be forgotten. Italy is la dolce vita.


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